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As a student, I am course interested as to whether I will be successful in the field. Although I do consider myself an average student I do know that I have the ability to take on projects in a professional atmosphere therefore I decided to try my hand at a freelance project for a brokerage. The name of the brokerage is Joshua Tree. They deal in Investments, insurance comma and federal employee retirement planning. They gave me their specs on what they wanted on their website and while letting me know that they did not want to give away too much information because it seems as though in the field of finances people do not comfortably purchase over the internet. Taking this into account I'm sure I will be able to meat their standards as a professional web page designer. I have set this up as my 489 research project due to the fact that its outcome will directly reflect as to whether Virginia Wesleyan has readied me for a future in the computer science fields.